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Organic Cotton

DATE:2019-11-05 15:53:34

In recent years, organic fabrics have become popular – it has even become a trend. In the textile industry, organic cotton has a unique advantage.


1、More Comfort for Baby

When your baby wears organic cotton clothes, their skin is less susceptible to injury, but they feel more comfortable at home and outside. Whether you live in a subtropical climate or in a cold area, this material adapts to the environment and helps keep your body temperature constant.

(organic cotton and ordinary cotton)

Organic cotton material absorbs moisture and allows cold air to circulate, making it less likely that the baby will sweat or feel too hot. Its weaving also helps to keep warm in winter and heat in summer. The unique characteristics of cotton make it suitable for every season.


2、 Less Environmental Impact

Organic cotton cultivation is less stressful on the natural environment because it ensures that farmers detoxify the land on which they are planted, using natural beneficial practices such as crop rotation and mechanical weeding, and do not use fungicides to treat any seeds.

(organic cotton)

Because they do not use harmful chemicals, they do not kill existing worms and animals around them, nor do they use any genetically modified substances.


3、No Chemicals or Pesticides

(organic cotton)

Synthetic fibers are also a popular choice for baby clothing, but they may contain petrochemicals and plastics. Organic baby clothing does not contain a range of harmful or dangerous substances found in cotton insecticides and synthetic materials, which not only gives parents peace of mind, but also helps reduce the risk of skin allergies in infants.

This is especially good for children with eczema.


4、About our products

(GOTS Certification)

All of our organic cotton products are GOTS certified and can be certified to our customers.


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