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DATE:2019-11-05 15:54:36

The OEM and ODM processes are basically the same. In general, they include four processes: design drawing determination, sample production, mass production, and cargo transportation.



ODM is produced by using our existing design drawings; or by using our design drawings based on customer’s requirements. OEM is produced according to customer’s own design drawings. Whether it is ODM or OEM, our professional design team provides efficient technical support to our customers.



We make physical samples that meet the customer’s design philosophy according to the design drawings, the materials and colors required by the customer. If the physical sample meets the customer’s vision, the proofing process is completed. Otherwise the design drawing needs to be corrected, or the material needs to be changed, and the proof is re-applied until the produced sample meets the customer’s requirements.

(the process)



Mass production is carried out in accordance with samples confirmed by the customer. We develop a detailed production plan to ensure that production is completed on schedule. At the same time, strict quality management runs through the entire production process.



After the product has passed the inspection, we will arrange the delivery. We will choose the best shipping method to ensure the safety of delivery.


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