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DATE:2019-11-05 15:54:14

Our common fabrics are pure cotton and organic cotton, of which fabrics are jersey, interlock, ribbed and so on.


  • Jersey

Jersey is a knit fabric, so it has the characteristics of other knitwear, such as ribbed fabric and cotton wool fabric. It is not as easy to scatter or wrinkle as other textile fabrics, and it has a lot of inherent elasticity.


Compared to other knitted fabrics, Jersey textiles are light weight and are the fastest weft knitted fabrics. These advantages, as well as the breathability, make the jersey fabric very comfortable to wear.

Jersey is used to make socks, t-shirts, underwear, sportswear and sweaters. It is also included in the household goods market for bedding and sofa covers.


  • Interlock

The interlocking fabric is a variant of the ribbed knit structure that can be stretched. Similar to Jersey Knit, the double-knit structure makes it a thicker knit fabric. This fabric is very soft, strong and absorbent.


Features of interlocking fabrics: 1,Double-sided surfaces have the same appearance. 2,the front and back surfaces are smooth. 3,it has advanced dimensional stability and shape retention. 4,It provides better insulation due to a layer of air between the front and back surfaces. It is warmer than other single-knit fabrics.5,the interlocking knitted fabric has a high dehumidification property because of its bulky structure.

Interlock can be used to make baby clothes,worsted interlocks are suitable for ladies’ winter suit fabrics.


  • Ribbed

Ribbed fabric is a double-knit fabric. Ribbed knit fabrics have good elasticity and shape retention, especially in width, and have high elasticity in the transverse direction.

(the ribbed clothing)

Ribbed knit fabric creates a textured look on any garment. The cotton wool fabric has thick texture, strong warmth, wide application and various varieties. The product is soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and the body is warm, suitable for spring, autumn and winter wear.

The use of rib fabric: 1. Sweater 2. Hat 3. Scarf  4. Sock 5. Winter gloves



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