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Romanian Foreign Guests Visit

DATE:2019-12-09 15:06:00

On the afternoon of December 7, 2019, Ionut Cosac and Corneliu Bajenaru came to Zibo Glory Textile Co., Ltd. for business talks.


(Ionut Cosac and Corneliu Bajenaru)


Ionut Cosac and Corneliu Bajenaru are successful businessmen from Romania. They want to find manufacturers of baby textiles in China that they can cooperate with for a long time.This time when they came to glory, in addition to conducting field visits, they were more interested in our baby rompers and milestone blanket products.


(Aaron Qin)

Our senior sales consultant —— Aaron Qin, explained our products in detail in the meeting room, including the characteristics of the product fabric, production process and manufacturing process.

(Our factory)

At 5 pm, accompanied by Linka Sun, head of business department, Shawn Xiao, manager of production department, and David Xi, CEO of glory, Aaron Qin led Ionut Cosac and Corneliu Bajenaru to visit the factory on the spot.


(Group photo)

Ionut Cosac and Corneliu Bajenaru are very satisfied with the strength of our company, and the two parties signed a cooperation plan for the new baby rompers and milestone blankets for 2020.


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