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Our Colleagues——Aaron Qin

DATE:2019-11-29 17:28:50

At Glory Textile Co., Ltd., there are many outstanding young partners who have achieved proud work results through their own efforts.

Today,the partner I interviewed is Aaron Qin, a new force of Glory Textile Co., Ltd.I will present the results of this interview in the form of a question and answer.


Q:Why choose international trade?

A:Choosing a career is not determined by a single factor. International trade is compatible with ideals and reality for me. I am outgoing and I like to communicate with others.

At the same time, I like English very much, so international trade has become my first choice for my career. I want to understand the folk customs of different countries and broaden my horizons. The most important thing is to make more money.


Q:why choose Glory Textile Co., Ltd.?

A:When I was interviewing for the first time, Glory impressed me very well, and I was deeply attracted by the friendly working atmosphere here. I have also been exposed to the platform of Alibaba International Station before, and I can quickly adapt to the working environment here and put into work.


(Aaron Qin)

Q:What is the thing that impressed you most in Glory?

A:One of the things that impressed me most was that in May of this year, there was a customer with a high transaction intention. At that time, I was not very familiar with the production process of sleeping bags.

It was my direct supervisor—-Linka Sun. Guide me, although there are some setbacks in the process, with the help of everyone, the order was successfully concluded. Through this time, I have also developed good working habits and ways of thinking. Thank you company and thank you all!


Q:What makes you grow?

A:Frustration can grow people the most. From the beginning, it is a constant trial and error. My first order was in March 2019 and it was a customized baby bodysuit. Because they were not careful enough, they did not confirm the details with the customer, which resulted in errors in the finished product.

Although the customer accepted it in the end, it brought losses to the customer and the company. I also learned my lessons from it and never made the same mistake again.


Q:What’s your future plan?

A:Now I also start to lead the team myself. In the future, I will share my gains and insights with the team members so that they can grow up as quickly as possible. It is impossible for a person to go it alone, enjoy the strength of the team, and continue to empower himself. Finally, we all make more money together.


A good environment creates great partners.This is the end of the interview and we look forward to seeing you again next time!


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