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Summary of Major Events in November

DATE:2019-11-29 09:52:17

Glory Textile Co., Ltd. Summary of Major Events in November 2019


1,On November 8, 2019, David Xi, CEO of Glory Textile Co., Ltd., Shawn, Production Manager, and Charles Zhang, Domestic Trade Manager, went to Tongxiang, Zhejiang. Cooperated with the well-known Korean children’s brand kocotree for the 2020 spring and summer baby sleeping bag cooperation plan.


(Cooperation certificate)


2,On November 20, 2019, Glory Textile Co., Ltd. received more than US $ 200,000 in a single day, with customers from the United States and Taiwan, China. Each step is progress, and we have been committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective products at the most advantageous prices.


3,On November 25, 2019, the Ministry of Internal Trade launched a new form of product display-1688 live broadcast. Through live broadcast, we can let customers know our products more intuitively. On the first day of the live broadcast, customers in Shanghai, China purchased 300 sleeping bags. In the future, the live broadcast will continue.


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