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Why Kocotree choose Glory?

DATE:2019-11-02 11:43:39

Korean well-known children’s brand kocotree, which sells a variety of children’s products at TMall, has achieved good returns.

In June 2019, they decided to add a new product category – children’s sleeping bags. Through a comprehensive evaluation of several suppliers, they are optimistic that our quality management system can better match their quality products, and finally choose to cooperate with our company.


The picture shows the sleeping bag producted by our company


Due to the lack of understanding of the sleeping bag production process, there are many unreasonable elements in the design draft originally provided by the kocotree design team. Our design team, combined with market trends and product features, provides Kocotree design team with multiple optimization solutions that not only make the sleeping bag feel softer and more comfortable, but also make the sleeping bag warmer. The sales volume exceeded 100 pieces in two days, and the buyer’s praise was more than 99%.

(certificate of cooperation)

After the successful sales of the 2019 autumn and winter sleeping bags, Kocotree immediately launched a cooperation plan with our company for the spring and summer sleeping bags in 2020.


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