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A Chilean customer choosed Glory

DATE:2019-11-02 13:12:09

Niki is a partner of COMERCIAL E IMPORTADORA CAUBAL SPA in Chile. He needs to purchase a large number of infant bodysuits from China.

He asked the supplier’s products to be complete, affordable, and the supplier has the ability to deliver quickly. He has contacted several suppliers and their comprehensive qualifications cannot satisfy him.

Part of the spot product repurchased by Niki


Niki searched us online and felt that our company was exactly what he expected. After several rounds of negotiations, Niki was very satisfied with the quality and price of our products and tried a small order. After receiving the goods, Niki felt that our products were extremely cost-effective, very popular with his users, and constantly added orders.

Of course, we have become a long-term supplier of COMERCIAL E IMPORTADORA CAUBAL SPA.


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