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Our products have gone to Northern Europe

DATE:2019-11-04 17:38:30

Olga olafsdottir is a successful person from Iceland. In order to make the event held in August 2019 unique, he came up with a new idea – using organic cotton rompers with 12 constellations and as the designated clothing for the children participating in the event.  

The order quantity is only 1000 pieces, and it should be made into different styles of 12 constellations, 6 colors, 4 sizes. More importantly, it should use organic cotton fabric.Such personalized orders are often rejected by most suppliers.

(After the customer receives the picture taken)

When Olga olafsdottir contacted us, there were only two months left until the event. This means that the construction period is very tight, we have to make customer satisfaction samples for the rest of the time, and can quickly produce and deliver, in order to ensure that the customer’s activities are on schedule.

We have set up a dedicated team to complete this order, including sales staff, designers, and production staff. In order to facilitate communication, they moved to an office to work, which greatly improved the efficiency of the work, and shortened the sample production and modification cycle, thus winning time for mass production.

1000 bodysuits were not only delivered on schedule, but also were highly recognized with their good quality.


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